Klunk Reacts to 2024-45 Budget Proposal

Feb. 06, 2024 / Embed

The governor shared an astronomical $48.34 billion proposal for fiscal year 2024-25, a proposal that would lead to Personal Income tax increases in the next four years. We need to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and work toward crafting a balanced budget that funds the core functions of government without spending beyond our means.

Do You Qualify for Pennsylvania’s Expanded Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program?

Feb. 02, 2024 / Embed

We’re here to help you file applications for Pennsylvania’s popular PTRR program. Residents of the 169th District are encouraged to call my office to set up an appointment for free assistance or reach out to schedule your appointment for one of our free assistance events.

Interview with Secretary Russell Redding at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

Jan. 08, 2024 / Embed

At the 108th Pennsylvania Farm Show, I had the opportunity to interview our Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. It was great to discuss how the Commonwealth’s leading industry has evolved over the last century! We also talked about how agribusinesses in the 169th District and the region are thriving. Pennsylvania is leading the way in ag!

Rep. Klunk's comments on expansion of Right-to-Know Law

Nov. 27, 2023 / Embed

Rep. Klunk's comments on expansion of Right-to-Know Law

Republican Women Unveil Bill Package to Address Sexual Harassment

Nov. 15, 2023 / Embed

In response to recent cases of sexual harassment at the Capitol, I teamed up with four female House Republican colleagues to unveil a legislative package that would make significant reforms that protect taxpayers and victims. It’s time we demonstrate to the people of Pennsylvania that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Pursuing Covid Fraud

Jun. 22, 2022 / Embed

Today, the House passed a bill that would create a Special State Prosecutor under the jurisdiction of the Office of Inspector General. This individual would be tasked with rooting out and prosecuting individuals who used the COVID-19 pandemic to commit Unemployment Compensation fraud.

Pennsylvania Family Law Arbitration Act

Nov. 16, 2021 / Embed

The House approved House Bill 1366 to create a statutory structure for the arbitration of family law disputes in Pennsylvania.

House Judiciary Subcommittee on Family Law Public Hearing

Nov. 15, 2021 / Embed

Public hearing on SB 78.

Transparency Update to the Disease Prevention and Control Act of 1955

Oct. 04, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Kate Klunk discusses the merits of House Bill 1893 on the House floor.

Pennsylvania March For Life

Sep. 27, 2021 / Embed

As co-chair of the PA House pro-life caucus, I was thrilled to see so many pro-life Pennsylvanians rally at the state Capitol for the rights of the unborn.