Jan. 03, 2023

HARRISBURG — Rep. Kate Klunk (R-Hanover) took the oath of office Tuesday to begin her fifth term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

For the 2023-24 legislative session, Klunk’s priorities include reigning in regulations that are unfriendly to businesses and job creators, fighting against unnecessary tax increases, and improving the quality of education offered to Pennsylvania children. Her mission as a lawmaker is to ensure state government is efficient, fiscally responsible, and places taxpayers first.

“This upcoming legislative session will undoubtedly be challenging as control of the House between Republicans and Democrats will be marginal; however, I am ready and eager to continue representing my constituents. As always, I am proud to carry voices from my district in southern York County to Harrisburg,” said Klunk.

Representative Kate A. Klunk
169th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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Klunk Takes Oath of Office for Fifth Term