Oct. 25, 2022

HARRISBURG— An “abortion freedom for all” rally took place on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg yesterday, Oct. 24. There, Democratic lawmakers joined protesters to advocate for stronger abortion laws. 

Pro-Life Caucus co-chair, Rep. Kate Klunk (R-Hanover), and her Republican colleagues are emphasizing their Democratic colleagues are out of touch when it comes to what’s truly important to Pennsylvania residents. 

“These rallies for abortion are a vehicle for Democrats to push existing abortion laws to an extreme the majority of Pennsylvanians do not even support. Pennsylvania currently permits abortions up to 24 weeks or six months. The Commonwealth already has wide-ranging access to abortion,” said Klunk. “What’s more, these cries for increased abortion access come at a time when Pennsylvanians are most concerned with affording basic necessities like housing, food and utilities.

“Across the Commonwealth, residents are tightening their belts to deal with the repercussions of inflation, or they’re concerned with public safety, as crime from Philadelphia spreads because its district attorney is unwilling to enforce the laws on the books. This approach to legislative advocacy is out of touch and disregards the priorities of the average Pennsylvanian. I will continue to be a voice for their interests and push for policies that have a direct, positive impact on my constituents. They’re not looking for expanded abortion law-- they’re looking for relief from inflation during this economically uncertain time,” Klunk added. 

Klunk has been a long-time advocate for pro-life issues. She recently voted in favor of a bill that would put abortion on the ballot for voters, giving them a direct say in the decision to determine if Pennsylvania should have constitutionally protected, taxpayer-funded access to abortion. Klunk and her Republican colleagues have and will continue to stand up for women, children and working families as they did this session passing legislation to create the first-ever Pennsylvania Child Care Tax Credit, funding the expansion of the home visiting programs for new mothers, including the Nurse Family Partnership, and supporting increased funding to help families cope with food insecurity and skyrocketing energy prices.

Representative Kate A. Klunk
169th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Katelin Morrison
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